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Check all electrical connections from disconnect to controls

Burned wires and rubbed wires can cause serious problems with controlling and proper operation of the equipment. Wires rubbing on surfaces that vibrate can short out components or cause components to operate when they are not called for or out of sequence.

If a component operates when not called for, this can drive energy cost up and possibly damage the system.

The most common device to be worn and need to be replaced is the compressor contactor. The device on a residential system commonly has 1 or 2 poles. The 2 pole contactors are better and less likely to need frequently replacement. On commercial system these devices have 2 or 3 poles. If one contact on a 3 pole contactor is burnt and fails to close, this can cause the load to go into a single phase mode, which may burn out the windings of a 3 phase device, compressor, blower motor etc..

Another common problem with the contactor is that it may close and weld itself in this position. When this happens the load is locked in the on position until the problem is acknowledged and acted upon

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