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Check all voltages and amperages on system components


Checking system voltages and componet amperages can let you know if a

componet is on the verge of failure. For example checking the amperage on a blower

motor that is rated at 5 amps, if the amperage reads over 5 amps then you know

the blower is under excessive load. Could be bad bearings, induction of too much

air into blower wheel, or maybe a defective winding in the motor. If the amperage

is too low, the blower may have a loose or broken belt, or the shaft is slipping in the

blower wheel.

These amperages are usually posted on the units. The running load amps (RLA)

and the lock rotor amps (LRA). If a compressor is rated at 93 amps LRA and

the actual amps read 80 then the compressor is considered not locked and may

be able to start by other means. If the compressors actual amps read 93 or over

then the compressor is considered defective or locked rotor.

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