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Clear condensate drains and insure proper drainage to code

Making sure that an HVAC system disposes of it's condensate properly can be a health issue. The cooling side of an

HVAC system also dehumidifies the air. The water it removes also carrier particals. This condensation runs off of the coil

and deposits in a drain pan. There it exits the system through a drain line. If this drain line becomes clogged, then the water

will remain in the pan and may overflow into the unit cabinet. This situation where water is laying in the unit cabinet and pan

with air moving across it can create a breeding ground for mold in the duct and other water based organic material.

Keeping drains clear and free can help prevent this from happening.

In some scenarios where the system is run for long periods of time in the summer the coils become coated with an

algae or slime. The creates a breeding bed for organic matter to breed. In this situation the evaporator coil must be

cleaned and treated.

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