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Change all air filters (optional provisions)

We can price your service based on replacing your air filters, however some customers prefer to provide their own filters. We will cater the quote to your specific needs. If you would like us to only check the filter and advise you of the status or provide the filters and change only when needed. 

Depending on the environment and the load of the specific system, some filters may not need to be changed as much as others.

Dirty filters can drastically lower the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. If left unchecked for long periods of time dirty filters may cause severe damage to the system compressor. 

We recommend the use of a pleated filters instead of standard fiberglass. Pleated filters will collect and stop more microscopic dust than a standard fiberglass filter.

We are striving the provide better, faster, and a more affordable service to our customers and by selling only what you need is one of the ways we can achieve this goal.

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