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There are all kinds of filters available. The standard blue fiberglass filters will stop most large particles

such as leaves, papers, some pet hair, and large pieces of lent,  however  it will not stop pollen and dust.

The corrugated filters or pleated filters stop all of the above and most micro particles but,

if this is the filter of your choice you must contact your heating and cooling contractor to be 

advised on proper sizing. The pleated filters tend to prohibit proper airflow in normal systems

designed for standard fiberglass filters. A general rule to convert from fiberglass filters to pleated filters

is the pleated filters total area must equal 1.5 time the total area of the previously used fiberglass

filters. An example is if you now use a 20"x20"x1" fiberglass filter. The proper size you would need for

pleated filters would be 20"x30"x1" or 30"x20"x1" or you could add a 10"x20"x1 filter to your system.

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