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A/C with electric strip heat consists of the air-conditioning system and a bank of

strip heaters installed in the air handler. In the cooling mode this system works much

like the heat pump in the cooling mode. The heat mode only requires the use of the blower (air handler) and

the strip heater assembly. The strip heater consists of a rack installed in the air stream coming from the

indoor blower. This rack has coiled heater wire mounted on it with porcelain insulators. When

current is applied the heater wire heats up giving up heat to the indoor air. This type of heater

it what the heat pump uses for it's backup system. 

An Air-conditioner with electric heat is a simple system however, it may not be the most efficient system.

You may have a high efficiency Cooling system but, using electric strip heat is very costly. One would

benefit by replacing this system with a Heat pump. The greatest savings on energy consumption

would be achieved in the winter months.


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